How do you charge?

We provide a free estimate. Estimates are calculated by adding up the number of windows; type of windows, how accessible the windows are, and how far the property is from the shop.

Are you insured?

We are insured and bonded. We can send you a certificate of insurance upon request.

Do we have to be present for the services to be provided?

No. We can perform the services without your presence. If we need to access to the inside of your property we can prearrange access.

What if it is raining the day of our scheduled window cleaning?

We can clean windows in the rain. The process of removing the dirt from your windows is still effective in the rain. However, If you would prefer we can reschedule depending on availability.

Do you need to remove things from my window sills?

In commercial properties we require that you remove all items from the window sills and provide a clear path to the windows. This includes moving any furniture; for this is not included in our estimate. However, we will move any blinds, curtains or window coverings. In residential properties we would prefer to have all items removed from window sills and create a clear path to all windows. Most customers prefer to move their valuables. However, we can move furniture, and other belongings for a charge.

Can you remove paint and other types of over spray from my windows?

Yes we can. We have a process in which we can safely remove paint, caulk, concrete, and plaster from your windows. This process does take longer and will require an additional charge.

What seasons do you work?

We work all year round and can work in the coldest of temperatures.