Window Cleaning

Residential Window Cleaning:

We clean the windows on some of the finest homes in Green Bay. We clean windows inside and out and wash screens and dry them with lint-free towels. Windows are mopped down with a specialized window cleaning solution, then squeegeed clean, and finally all edges and sills are detailed.

Commercial Window Cleaning:

We clean the glass on office buildings up to 4 stories. Some of are wonderful customers include banks, restaurants, schools, shopping centers and property management companies.

We also wipe the frames and knock down the cobwebs and wasp nests. Keeping your working environment clean is my pleasure. We carry one million dollars in liability insurance. Contracts are welcome.

Badger Window Cleaning - Green Bay, WI

Clean Windows Sell!

Washing windows is the number one presale improvement that generates the best return on investment, as measured by a higher selling price, according to 2000 real estate agents surveyed by the real estate website and published in the June, 2003 issue of Money magazine:

Project Typical Cost Return on Investment
Lighten and brighten home, wash windows $100 to $250* 768%
Clean and de-clutter $305 to $339 594%
Landscape and trim front yard and backyard $432 to $506 266%
Repair electrical and plumbing problems $338 to $381 196%
Spruce up decor, including flowers $812 to $1,089 169%
Update kitchen and bathroom $1,546 to $2,120 138%
*Window cleaning costs have increased since 2003 but the benefits of having clean windows in a home for sale remains the highest return on investment!